Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what are fursuits?

A: A fursuit is a high-quality animal costume; it is similar to mascot costumes seen at sporting events. Fursuits are works of art that can be worn and performed in. Most suits are custom built to the wearer/performer and represent a character. 

Fursuits can come in several styles, such as: Toony, Realistic, Semi-Realistic, and Kemono. They also come in different types, like full suits or partial suits. Either covering the full body or just the head, hands, and feet in the case of partials. Fursuits are quite popular in the Furry Fandom but not necessary to be apart of it. 

Q: what types of Fursuits does Fox Floof Studios make?

A: We focus on making mainly Toony style suits, we are open to a komono style suits as well. Those that have a cartoonish appearance with exaggerated features. 

At this time we do not do realistic style suits. 

Q: Does Fox Floof do payment plans?

A: We can, we need a 30% down payment to secure a slot on the queue. Rest of payment must be done in a reasonable time frame. Work will not be started until final payment is received. Please contact us or look here for more information. 

Q: How much does a fursuit from Fox Floof cost?

A: Each project is unique, so exact pricing can vary; but you can get a good idea of price by visiting our pricing page. 

Q: How do I get a quote for a fursuit?

A: You can submit a quote using the form at the bottom of our price guide page. Please let us know the type of commission you would like and send us a link to your reference sheet and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You could also message us on our Twitter or Instagram

A quote does not guarantee a slot in the queue or a commission, it just tells you the estimated price of your suit. Further correspondence is needed for securing a commission slot. Quotes are good for one year. 

Q: Can Fox Floof complete my suit by my deadline?

A: We do not take hard deadlines. Work will be completed in a reasonable timeframe and an estimate given. We also do not do rush orders. This is to insure our quality standards and your suit is to your liking. Nor can you pay extra to receive your suit sooner/jump ahead of other commissioners. You can find more info on our TOS page.

Q: will I see works in progress pictures of my commission?

A: Yes! We send many works in progress pictures throughout the process for approval to make sure we have everything to your liking. 

Q: Can you work off a description?

A: No, we require a clear character reference sheet (preferably three views). Please also understand that not all designs or elements will translate into a costume well. We will do our best to make clear what is and isn’t within our abilities before accepting your commission. This is to ensure that your costume is to your liking. 

Q: Do you accept body only commissions?

A: Yes!! The body suit is one of our favorite parts of the process. We are happy to make your body even if the head or other parts are from another maker. Please be able to provide the names/providers of the colors used in the other parts if possible, and understand it may not be possible to completely match color. Contact us directly for more information and pricing.

Q: I am under 18, can I commission you?

A: If you are at least 16 you must commission us with through your parent/guardian and with their approval. All payments must be submitted by them and they must be the intermediary in all communication between us and you. Otherwise we do not accept commissions from minors. 

If your question was not answered here, feel free to use the form below to get into contact with us. Or message us on one of our social medias. 

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