Terms of service

Refusal of Service:

Fox Floof reserves the right to deny customer service for any reason, such as being unreasonable or threatening. Can also deny commission for reasons such as too complex of a character design. Harassment is not tolerated. Should commissioner display harassment of any sort, Fox Floof reserves the right to drop the project.


Price quotes are subject to change. All work is guaranteed for 90 days upon the day the product is received; this covers material and construction defects. 


Fox Floof accepts payment plans currently through Paypal’s invoice system. To secure commission, a 30% down payment is required. Once final payment is received, work will begin. Commissioner is granted security through Paypal’s goods and services. Paypal is the only accepted form of payment. Late final payment can lead to later completion. Shipping is not included in the price of Fursuit.


Will be done within a reasonable time, no deadlines taken. Commissioner can request for a time frame or possible date within reason, however Fox Floof is not obligated to complete it by this time.

Refunds and Cancellations:

The first 30% is nonrefundable. Refunds for remaining balance can be given within a reasonable time. Once 100% is paid and work has started refunds will be done on a case by case basis, with an agreement reached between Fox Floof and the commissioner. We do not accept returns. We reserve the right to cancel commission if TOS are broken. If payments cease and contact cannot be established for a prolonged period of time, your commission will be terminated. Refund will not be given and you are no longer entitled to product or materials.

Duct Tape Dummy:

All full body suits by Fox Floof require a DTD. DTD must be made durable. Fox Floof is not responsible for DTDs falling apart, should it fall apart during construction due to poor DTD construction you may be asked to remake it. DTD must be taped back together, neatly, without overlapping edges before being shipped to Fox Floof. DTD should go to your heels and wrists, and should be marked as requested. Please keep arms as straight as possible. We will not be responsible for poorly fitting suits due to poor DTD construction.

Recommended tutorial by Mischief Makers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RonWr75R28Q


Commissioner must be at least 16 years of age with consent from parent or guardian or over the age of 18. In some cases, ID verification may be requested.


Once work is started changes can not be guaranteed, if a change is accepted the suit may take longer to be completed. Design must match the agreed upon concept art. We will work with you to cover all details before commission is accepted and started. Minor changes will not change the price or completion time. Changes that will affect price and completion times include, but are not limited to: added colors, added markings, special requests, and anything that requires new materials to be ordered.Works in Progress will be sent by communication form of choice, please give your feedback as soon as possible.

Additional Info:

It is the responsibility of the commissioner to pay attention to progress updates to ensure you receive what you want. Changes are most easily made in the beginning. Don’t try to spare our feelings, we want your fursuit to be what you want!


Anything agreed upon by both parties, in writing, is a binding contract. By submitting payment you agree to these terms and conditions.


We do have a cat, while I try to limit him from coming into contact with the work, be aware that we work in a small apartment so he is still around.